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Nomads Em and Baz

April 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This is my first post in a series of pictures and blog entries of nomads I meet as I travel through Australia with my girlfriend. I'm intrigued as to what drives these people out on the road to live such simplistic lives. I know our reasons, but how did others end up here.

Em and BazEm and BazEmily and Baz are joining the growing group of nomads travelling around Australia. Follow their adventures on

We met Baz and Em in Beachmere, QLD. They'd just started their journey in the suburbs of Sydney 6 weeks earlier and had no particular destination in mind. The big city life and the expenses associated with living in and around a big city was the driving force behind their decision to leave everything behind and search for a new home somewhere else in Australia. They count on doing a bit of work whenever they need to and wherever they can and are quickly figuring out how this life on the road works. If they find a place they like, Baz and Em might settle down again. Until such a moment, they'll remain part of the growing number of nomads in Austrlia and will be living out of their Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier (Troopy) with a rooftop tent. It's a very simple life, not without challenges, but they seemed very happy despite the challenges they've faced so far (i.e. the aftermath of cyclone Debby in Queensland). The rewards on the road are not monetary and they seemed to be firm believers of the fact that you cannot buy happiness. Astrid and I wish them good luck on their journey and hope our paths cross again.

I gave them a small photo to remember our encounter - marked #1 Nomads. More to come (and I need a better pen).


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