BelePhotography is open for business and Jörgen provides services in the following areas at the moment.
Be mindful that this is part-time vocation at the moment.

Wedding Photography

This is your day and you want it preserved for a lifetime. Jörgen is here to do just that for you. Preferably in the style of a documentation with events from the whole day. Sure group-photos are great to have, but the little things matter most and are often never captured. These moments do not start with the service or arrival at the church but much earlier. For the bride it is putting on that one dress with your closest family or friends, it is that glass of champagne at the hairdresser, the tears your dad will have in his eyes, the flowers you've carefully selected. For the groom, it is that last shave in the morning, the long wait at the church for your bride and the moment you carry your bride in to your house. These are the moments Jörgen strive to capture for you. In the world of iPhones and truly great smartphone photographers everywhere, he strives to give you a comprehensive view of your entire day expressed through his personal visual language. If that is what you are looking for from your wedding - you're at the right place and Jörgen can help you.

Surf lifestyle Photography

Water was always an important part of his life. Since the day Jörgen discovered kitesurfing, the importance intensified. You will find him at beaches around the world, where he will spend just as much time on the water enjoying life as just simply taking pictures of others engaging in the same activity. During summers he frequently does so in his local Wakeboard Club - DoubleUp in Murten, Switzerland. 
Last SessionLast SessionKiteboarder arriving late to beach for a last session before sunset.

Travel Photography

If you are in the tourism or tourism advertising business you need outstanding pictures to display your resort, your hotel, your kitesurf station, your kitespot, your country, your town or whatever your new attraction might be from its best side. Jörgen knows how to put your destination in the right light. Jörgen will travel - in fact he loves to travel and knows what travelers desire as he has devoted as much of his life as possible to travelling!